35+2 weeks

Still here – still cooking! πŸ™‚

I mentioned in my last post that my sister in law was due a baby at any time and I’m delighted to announce that she gave birth to a beautiful baby girl on Thursday last week! Mother and baby are both fine and my SIL did amazingly well – in and out of hospital in half a day and she delivered with only gas and air! We met our little niece the next day and she was perfect, 7lbs 2oz and looked so tiny! It was brilliant to meet her, but somehow it still doesn’t register that I have one of those in my tummy – I know how ridiculous that sounds, but it’s true. But lovely news all round for the family πŸ™‚

On Thursday evening I had to go to the hospital as baby wasn’t moving as much as normal. They put me on the monitor and baby woke up straightaway, so they checked me for an hour and I was sent home. They asked me to go back the next day for another check, and they also brought forward my scan from next Monday to Friday, just so they could double check that all was ok. I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again – I cannot fault the NHS for how much they’ve taken care of me in this pregnancy, I really am so grateful.

I had the scan and all was well. Blood flows to baby were good and he/she is weighing in at 5lbs 6oz at exactly 35 weeks πŸ™‚ I saw the consultant afterwards and she was happy with baby’s growth, so I’m seeing her on Monday for my usual appt with her. It was a pretty stressful couple of days, but I’m so relieved that all was ok.

Today my husband and I went to an NHS antenatal class with about 10 other couples. I’ve always been so nervous throughout my pregnancy that I’ve never dared to sign up for any classes, so I did this at the very last minute and was lucky enough to get a place. The midwife running the class was brilliant – very honest and straightforward – and she talked us through the stages of labour, pain relief, when labour changes and interventions are needed, postnatal care and breast feeding. It was a really useful session as to be honest I’ve pretty much put my head in the sand when it comes to labour. My feeling is that I’d be so relieved to have got to that point that I’d just do whatever the midwife/doctors told me to do to get baby out safely – the thought of planning what music I’d have or what angle I want the bed tilted at just seemed ridiculous to me!! So it was good to get some facts and understanding about it all. 

37 weeks is my new milestone to reach now – 12 days to go. We’re due to move back into our house a week today, so I’m really hoping that we can do that before baby comes. None of this still seems real to be honest, but I’ll just keep plodding on and see how I go πŸ™‚


13 thoughts on “35+2 weeks

  1. Hooray! So glad to hear that all is still well, and that your SIL had a smooth delivery. I’m still sending you wishes for a speedy, safe, and healthy delivery in the next few weeks! Can’t wait to hear all about your little one’s arrival.

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  2. Woohoo! You’re on the home run! I should be going for my pre-transfer intralipids at Dr S’s in a week or so… I spoke with Louise on the phone and said I “knew” you and she was super nice! Fantastic news about your SIL. And your first antenatal class… Go you! Great news all round to wake up to on a Monday! Xx

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    • Ah that’s great! Louise is absolutely lovely, she’s been so helpful all the way through πŸ™‚ she’s a dab hand at the intralipids, they’re not painful at all, just make sure you take a book or something with you as it takes about 1-2 hours to have it done.

      Yep, it’s been a good few days all round, hoping it continues! Xxx

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      • Oh I am right up for sitting there reading whilst getting infused! I’m so lazy! πŸ˜‚ I’m glad that you are doing so well… Hopefully I’ll take after you!

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